About Us


You and Me Embroidery is a small family run business in the Garden of England (that’s Kent)

A small home based business with Theresa (that’s me!) at the helm. We offer custom embroidered workwear, wedding gifts and clothing and more. We can also provide heat transfer vinyl as well as high quality crystal embellishing. 

Coming from a family of figure skaters and a skater myself, We can offer handmade skatewear such as, bootcovers, practice skirts and skate dresses. 

About Me


I’m Theresa, I’m from Kent and live with my partner David and children Kyla and Oliver. I am a Tea-aholic…although I never finish one and find myself warming it up again!  I love to create things and am happiest when I am sewing…usually with a cold cup of tea beside me. 
I also love to figure skate and have passed this passion along to my daughter, I might be addicted to making skatewear!

Do have a browse through the site, it is being updated and added to all the time. If there is something in particular you are looking for, please do drop me a message and I  will try my best to help you.